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_VIGILGONZALES is participating for the first time in MicroFeria de Arte Rosario with works by Javier Barilaro (1974, Argentina)in conjunction with Subsuelo gallery, who are presenting a solo exhibition by the artist María Blanco.

Javier Barilaro seeks through spontaneity and humor to create new possible landscapes, in this case quasi-monochrome. His praxis embodies a reinvention of tropical pampas, in artificial but Argentine coordinates, his main protagonist and muse. The unexpected, delicate and playfulness of his pampean fictions, strengthened by the tactile expression and fluency of his brush, invite the viewer to explore new horizons of the imagination.

María Blanco proposes a universe woven with the threads of memory and emotion, in which she explores the memories, experiences and stories of her native Rosario. Each work was meticulously stitched and darned, suggesting the narration of immigration stories, which descend like the subway river that crosses the city. The artist proposes the ritual of embroidering in the round those symbolic passages that bring us together, always with a stable foot in the inquiry of national history.






Both productions revolve around the concepts of territory, identity, memory and landscape. While Barilaro's field of play is more literary and fanciful, Blanco's is closer to memory and identity. However, and by coming together in this exhibition, both artists find themselves in the impetus to establish a dialogue between their works that transcends them and encourages them to consider the landscape motif as a symptom of the times, a gesture of going towards an internal space where literary imagination and geographical reality are reconciled.


Javier Barilaro