MECA Art Fair | Main Section – Booth M08 | Santo Domingo, República Dominicana 

VIGIL GONZALES is pleased to participate for the first time in the main section of the MECA Art Fair Santo Domingo Edition, with the participation of José Luis Martinat, Karina Skvirsky, C.J. Chueca, Javier Barilaro, Karlo Andrei Ibarra and Gonzalo Hernandez. 


The sense of belonging to a national community in Latin America can have many edges due to the complex social fabric to which we belong. However, the ability to imagine and envision a nation to which one belongs is what ultimately creates this community (Anderson 1993). Thus, through this selection of works the artists invite us to imagine these national communities to which they belong and, at the same time, to look for a turning point that seeks to discuss it and new horizons to which we can point through this imaginative process that transcends a national border and encompasses us as a Latin American region with all its social, political and subaltern processes.






José Luis Martinat

Karina Skvirsky

C.J. Chueca

Javier Barilaro

Karlo Andrei Ibarra

Gonzalo Hernandez