Feria Ch.ACO | Main Section, Booth B03 | Santiago de Chile, Chile

VIGILGONZALES_ is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of José Pedro Godoy, a prominent artist based in Santiago de Chile, as part of the International Fair of Santiago de Chile, known as Feria Ch.ACO.

In this exhibition, José Pedro Godoy invites us to witness a radical transformation through his striking compositions. His emblematic and seductive young nudes abandon the firm and known lands to dive into a mysterious and enigmatic realm. It is a leap into the unknown, into night, liquid, depth and death. The bodies that emerge and immerse themselves in his paintings are undergoing a metamorphosis, leaving behind their old form to embrace the new and the strange. Through painful gestures, they express an anguish that can only be understood through metaphors. They are pierced by an invisible sword, consumed by an inner fire; something vital within them manifests itself for the last time before their final transformation. This process of change takes them from one state to another, in a symbolic sense of death and rebirth.




In the submerged world masterfully presented by José Pedro Godoy, water is abundant while air is scarce, creating an inverted order that defies our conventional perception. Here, the artist's continuous exploration of masculinity becomes liquid, inquisitive and enigmatic. There is no sunlight to illuminate, only the presence of the moon and the flashes of neon. In this unknown space, desire painfully manifests itself and power relations are reinvented, defying established conventions. There are no defined directions; it is a dissident world, where rules are different and borders are blurred.

In each of José Pedro Godoy's works, a narrative rich in symbolism and emotion is woven, inviting the viewer to explore the depths of the human soul and to question pre-established structures. This solo exhibition at the Ch.ACO Fair is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the fascinating universe of the Chilean artist and let oneself be carried away by the currents of his creative imagination.





José Pedro Godoy