Martín Touzón – “A sensitive economy” 

April 27th - June 27th, 2023

Reception: April 27th, 2023

_VIGILGONZALES Cusco - Pampa del Castillo 455, Cusco

Curated by Máx Hernandez Calvo



In "A sensitive economy," Argentine artist Martín Touzón reworks the model of the economic graph, projecting its linear outline in three dimensions to turn it into an installation that transforms the space of the Vigil Gonzales gallery.

The artist gives a tangible and concrete character to the abstract that can result from the ups and downs of the markets-especially when they are expressed as a diagram-through a metallic structure that echoes the numerical variations in each of its folds. By operating as a barrier that delimits our possible paths through the gallery, the installation materializes the vital restructurings imposed on us by financial fluctuations, be they stock market, exchange rate, commodity prices, etc. At the same time, the strong texture of these plates suggests the impact and the wear and tear of the economic, but also artistic, evolution.

Throughout the installation we also see a series of colored bricks made of strange materials. These volumes are formed by the compressed residues of installations by important international artists (Cildo Meireles, Yves Klein, Anish Kapoor, etc.) presented in institutional exhibition halls. These "exhibition waste" reworked as ingots point to the art market, the extractivist economy (something that resonates especially from Cusco) and recycling. In synthesis, what Martín Touzón presents us with is the sensitive remainder of the insensitive of the economy.


Installation Views


Martín Touzón